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Ingram & Atiya - the Hosts of the 'Zine
Your energetic hosts (a British-born & American-born couple) come from two very different perspectives as they engage guests in hot topic conversations that are real, raw, uncensored, relevant, and sometimes gritty about Black love, life, and relationships.
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Teamed up in 2010, Ingram & Atiya went from working in their own individual spheres in two different countries making a difference to joining forces becoming a dynamic internationally acclaimed husband and wife business and performance power team.   
After recognizing a common goal and aligned passions, through synergistic soulfulness, they serve as beacons of light, harbingers of hope and catalysts inspiring countless people worldwide to not only realize their dreams, achieve joy, success, and fulfillment in life, but also to be empowered through LOVE!

Named the National Community Champion in the UK in 2011 for his work in the community, launched the first Boxing Show on Google+ in 2012, a successful professional Cricket Coach for over twelve years, overcame Chronic Fatigue Syndrome after a 7-year battle, and an energetic sports journalist who has interviewed champions from around the world. 

Loves animals, sports, and annoying Atiya!
Known as the Marriage Strategist, first woman of color to win Mrs. Illinois International in 2004, and placed 3rd Runner-up worldwide, received numerous talent and community service awards, an inspirational speaker and spiritual guide for over 20-years, and authored several books, articles, and essays. Is a trainer-for-trainers.

Likes painting, swimming, the theatre, and running and hiding from Ingram! 

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