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National relationship coach, author of  "The Harmonious Way: Find Love and Marriage by Playing Your True Note." 
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From the rich, the famous, the myriad of love and relationship experts, to the heartbreakers and those left heartbroken, right down to the simple ordinary people… guests engage in conversations that are real, raw, uncensored, relevant, and sometimes gritty about Black love, life, and relationships.

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Certified International Emotional Intelligence Coach; and editor at the Good Men Project Digital Magazine.
A Speaker/Career Coach; internationally recognized resource; weekly contributor for
Marriage & Family Therapists, high school sweethearts, have been together for 20 years and married for 13.
Bobbi Mallory-John
An Educator, with a background in Restorative Justice, Conflict Resolution, and Anger Management. 
Author, Founder of Dousic Ent., key in the creation of Destiny's Child & Co-founder of Music World Ent.
A Relationship Radi0Zine designed to help heal & strengthen love connections
An author and college professor, has been teaching on the University level for the past 14 years. 
Founder of Affirmation of Life Coaching. Certified Professional Life and Relationship Coach. 
Best-selling author, Master Certified Coach (MCC), Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner 
Personal development consultant, life & entrepreneur coach, and founder of E2S Solutions Prof. Coaching LLC. 
Life coach & the author of five books including, Groomed For Greatness: 31 Days To An Empowered Life.
Author of His Leadership Her Trust,  founder of Family Bootcamp LLC, writer for 
A graduate of an international coaching school CoachU, Inc., and a certified Life Coach.
A longtime helper and still an avid student of Minister Farrakhan, NOI National Spokesman.
An award winning writer/director, holds a BFA in Literature, Writing and The ArtNative Detroiter.  
professional writer, speaker, and coach; author of Love, Sex, Lies and Reality; IT business analyst.
An award winning independent filmmaker & activist; host and facilitator for “The Black Male Conference."
A licensed psychologist, academician, a behavioral consultant for Essence Magazine, (BET) News.
A Speaker, Transformational Author, and Spiritual Life Coach; Creator of the “Intuitive Body Coaching Method.” 
Founder and creator of Unlocking Genius Institute, founding board member of the Illinois Network of Charter Schools.
Assistant Professor in Counselor Education & Rehabilitation; National Certified Counselor, Licensed CPC.
Founder of Raising Great Men™; senior editor of “Raising Boys” on The Good Men Project.
Founders of Dream Builders Professional Coaching, marriage coaches and specialists on overcoming infidelity. 
An entrepreneur and owner of Good News Garments; award winning journalist. 
Husband & wife team, podcast hosts-- "Somethin' in Common, bloggers, entrepreneurs. 
A domestic violence survivor; Domestic Violence Consultant for the U.S. Dept of State, author of Scared Silent.
Lecturer, author, and Health Consultant; NACBT Certified Cognitive Weight-Loss Specialist and Group Therapist.
Recovering lawyer turned love & life coach; matchmaker with the Paul C. Brunson Agency.
Life Coach and Owner of Dreams Are A Reality; certified Personal Fitness Trainer; two-time breast cancer survivor.
A Certified Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Co-Author of the best selling book 20 Beautiful Women 2. 
Professional Guests 
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President of LCG, leads program development operations, including fundraising reaching $150 million
A speaker, certified career coach, catalyst & mentor; certified AFAA Group Exercise Instructor.
Certified Relationship Coach, Bestselling Author, Motivational Speaker, appeared in both national and international media.
A speaker, coach, catalyst & mentor; Lifestyle Specialist, Culturalist, Author, Yoga Instructor.
Interracial Marriage for 18+ years; M.S. in Human Resource Development & Administration, B.S. in Psychology. 
Principal consultant for Towanna Freeman & Associates; founder of Black Life Coaches Network; award winning author.
America's Top Model Cycle 10 contender; resident sexpert and a contributing writer for
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Author of several books and the founder of the Leveaux Group and Genius Academy. 
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Psychologist, licensed psychotherapist; been working in the mental health field for more 20 years.